Rules at Skilldrafting

Rules were last updated June 12th, 2016. is proud to offer fantasy football skill contests where the drafting takes place in the offseason and the action takes place alongside all the NFL games during the regular season. These skill contests come in the form of Offseason Fantasy Football Leagues (OFF Leagues for short… as in OFF for offseason… get it?). OFF Leagues combine all of the best parts of fantasy football with none of the headaches that come with other league types. Just imagine if you didn’t have to deal with continuous roster management and lineup determination due to waiver wire claims, free agent bidding, player trading, lineup decisions, setting your lineup or injury updates. Now imagine you don’t know what half of those things are… well, that’s why OFF Leagues was created… no BS… just skilled drafting, watching football and winning.

That’s right, there is no maintenance during the season so you can just focus on your Hometown and DFS leagues and enjoy the football games! This is the perfect way to win money, practice drafting and better understand real-time player value all offseason long without taking anything away from your existing fantasy life! In fact, you’re adding to it… this means you can enjoy fantasy football all year long… thank the Fantasy Gods.

The team you draft is the team you have all season long. Our software determines the optimal starting lineup for you after each week is played – meaning your highest scoring players are counted as your starters and counted toward your weekly score. At the end of 16 weeks… someone will have the most points… and that someone gets paid!


*Please refer to the GLOSSARY listed in our FAQ to better understand the various lingo we use regarding Fantasy Football in general, but also specific to our site. There are also additional details outlined there that aren’t exactly rules but really help to better explain how everything works. Our Terms of Use as well as our FAQ are also extremely helpful when it comes to very fine specifics regarding our Site, so we strongly encourage everyone to visit those pages to make sure they stay well-informed.

Offseason Fantasy Football League Type (known colloquially as “Best Ball”)

  • After confirming your eligibility as stated in the Terms and Agreement, you can register your username and password, deposit money into your “Bank” account on the Site and have the ability to enter a League of your choice at which point $10 will be deducted from your Bank.
  • Each League then continues to take SuperOwner entries until the League is full.
  • All OFF Leagues begin after a contest is full, at that point the SuperOwners receive an email letting them know they’ve entered a League and that the draft will start one hour from when the League filled up as well as information regarding which pick they’ll have. They’ll also receive an email 10 minutes prior to start time.
  • Each contest needs 12 SuperOwners to enter in order to be full.
  • Once the contest is full, the SuperOwners will receive an email stating when the contest Draft will begin and each SuperOwner’s place of selection (pick) in the Draft.

Basic/Selection Style of Draft

  • For 3-Hour Pick limit Drafts… there will be a 1 hour delay before the Draft starts.
  • For 6-Hour Pick limit Drafts… there will be a 1 hour delay before the Draft starts.
  • As soon as the final SuperOwner enters that contest, the contest will “begin” and the emails will explain the timeframes before which the draft will start.
  • The SuperOwner that has the first pick in Round 1 will have the opportunity to make their first player selection.
  • They will have 6 hours to do so before their time runs out.
  • If the time runs out on a SuperOwner, our software will make a pick for that Superowner based on various factors determined by our proprietary software.
  • There are no re-picks, re-dos or anything of the sort, if you miss your pick, unfortunately, who the software selects is who you’ll have on your team as that pick.
  • If you miss your pick twice in a row, you will be moved into an autopick designation.
  • The Draft will not stop for any reason.

Draft-Only Roster Maintenance

  • There’s no in-season management or maintenance, just enjoying football and you know, being a more productive human being
  • Win money! (probably should have put this one first)
  • Get quality practice in drafts that actually matter and mean something to the other people prior to your Hometown drafts
  • Enjoy the best parts of fantasy… drafting and winning… don’t worry you can still make fun of your buddies, you’ll just do that during the season with more time on your hands and more money in your pocket
  • Optimal scoring (starting) lineup chosen each week by our proprietary software
  • No free agent pickups
  • No 4am waiver wire anxiety/frustration
  • No lineup decisions
  • No trade harassment or constantly getting snubbed
  • No hassle fantasy fun

12-Team leagues

20 Round draft length

Serpentine Draft format

Scoring format options

  • Standard scoring
  • Full Point Per Reception scoring
  • Draft speed options

    • Fast-paced 3 hour pick limit drafts (make sure you are planning ahead for those wee hours of the night where you might be sleeping… but guess what, our clock doesn’t)
    • Strategic 6 hour pick limit drafts (take your time, do a little research, make this a fun part of your off-season life)

    Each league has a $10 entry fee

    • Take 1st place… take home $100
    • Take 2nd place… take home the cash equivalent of a Free Play in a league next year

    Starting lineup will include 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1DST and 13 bench spots for a total of 20 players selected in 20 rounds

    All Leagues begin play in Week one (1) of the NFL season and complete after Week sixteen (16) of the NFL season.

    Mock Drafts

    Set up much the same way as outlined above only:

    • There is no entry-fee associated with these.
    • The draft starts whenever you want (so you’ll receive an email letting you know that the draft is ready to start when you are.
    • You’ll draft against our proprietary software which mimics the skill-based draft strategies of 11 other SuperOwners.
    • You’ll have 30 seconds of time to make your picks before our software will make a pick for you if you go over your time limit.
    • There are no Prizes associated with these drafts.

    Starting Lineup Roster Composition

    Quarterback (QB)1
    Running Back (RB)2
    Wide Receiver (WR)2
    Tight End (TE)1
    Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)1

    *Each team will also have 13 Bench spots to be filled for 20 players on each team

    Scoring System

    Number of Passing TDs4 points each
    Passing Yards.1 point for every 2 yd
    Pass Interceptions Thrown-2 points each
    Passing 2 Pointers2 points each
    Number of Rushing TDs6 points each
    Rushing Yards.1 point for every 1 yd
    Rushing 2 Pointers2 points each
    Number of Receiving TDs6 points each
    Receiving Yards.1 point for every 1 yd
    Receptions1 point each
    Receiving 2 Pointers2 points each
    Fumbles Lost on Offense-2 points each
    Number of Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs6 points each


    Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent)2 points each
    Interceptions Caught2 points each
    Sacked a QB1 point each
    Safeties2 points each
    Offensive Points Against10 points for the D/ST if they hold opponent to 0 offensive points against the D/ST
    Offensive Points Against7 points for the D/ST if they hold opponent to between 1 and 6 offensive points against the D/ST
    Offensive Points Against4 points for the D/ST if they hold opponent to between 7 and 20 offensive points against the D/ST
    Offensive Points Against1 points for the D/ST if they hold opponent to between 21 and 29 offensive points against the D/ST
    Offensive Points AgainstNegative (-) 3 points for the D/ST if they allow more than 30 offensive points against the D/ST
    Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs6 points each